Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful for our Church and Sound Doctrine

I am so thankful for our church, and for all those churches out there who are unashamed to teach the sound doctrine of the Bible. My son Daniel teaches sound doctrine at his church in Illinois.  I am thankful for his adherence to the Word of God.  There is still a remnant of men who are willing to teach God’s Word.  We aren’t alone!

The elders at our church are careful to teach sound doctrine, to shepherd the flock with truth and not with opinion, or “I think” statements.  Doctrine determines how we live, and how we flesh out the gospel.  Doctrine determines our perspective of heaven, life, Jesus, salvation, etc. Good doctrine gives us hearts of mercy and compassion.  Good doctrine makes us think less of ourselves, and more of God.  It trains us that our lives are meant to glorify the God who made us.  Yes, I’m very thankful for our church, and its sound doctrine!

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