Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Space Shuttle takes flight...

Well, I sold the Space Shuttle Sparrow. I named it that because it was about as big as a Space Shuttle, and with me driving, it reminded me of the phrase from a song, "His eye is on the Sparrow, so I know He watches me."

I owned the Shuttle for 11 years. It's maiden voyage was to Florida to see my sister and her family. It has been to Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, and who knows where else in the state of Texas! It's been to Sea World, Six Flags, camping trips, local excursions, and uncountable trips to church and church functions. It has shuttled friends, family, and even a few folks who were neutral, but rode with me anyway. :-) It has provided comfort to our family and friends and a graciousness of hospitality afforded by few vehicles. When we bought it, I was resistant to purchasing a huge van, but Daryl wisely said it was best for the family for a while. My hands had to be pried off the steering wheel to sell it, and if I had gone car hunting before I sold it, it would probably still be in the driveway! May it be wonderful for your family, Fidel and Debbie!

My kids are good to me....

I have the nicest kids (this does, by the way, include my daughters-in-love and a girlfriend). (Note: I have nice grandkids, too, but this one is for my kids.) Even as adults, they still let me do things for them. And they do stuff for me. They care, they call, they help, they console, they laugh (sometimes with me, sometimes at me), they include me in their lives, they give me grandchildren, they pray for me, they seek out my company, they honor their parents. I'm a blessed woman.

Thanks, Matt, for today. It reminded me how you all look out for me, even when I'm resistant.
Love you all....MOM