Friday, June 12, 2009

Girls just want to have fun…

washing hair

You kids know your Grandma Young….she’s going to have fun anywhere.  Today, she REALLY needed her hair washed.  Since she did tandem surgeries (they even used the cut from the first surgery for the second one!), it has been about 2 weeks since her hair had been washed.  She still had to be careful of the staples from surgery, and an IV line in her clavicle.  Today, Harland, the CP (Care Provider) gave her a really wonderful shampoo. 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grandma Young



Here’s Grandma, at the hospital.  I’m here in Tennessee, enjoying time with Grandma.  She had gall bladder surgery Tuesday (didn’t get to do the easy laproscopic route), and is recuperating nicely.  Except for one tiny detail…seems to have a blocked bile duct.  Tomorrow morning, they do a procedure to check on exactly what is going on, put in a stent, and hopefully, after they take out the stent in 4 weeks, that is that.  Notice that except for the slightly yellow tint to her skin (I’m refraining from calling her “Old Yeller”) she looks really good, and is currently sitting in that same chair, reading a book.  Vintage Grandma!  Prayerfully, all will go well tomorrow, and I’ll be home Wednesday night, and my Aunt Imazo will take over the care of Mom and Dub in New Market for me. 

They have these things they put on your legs to keep the blood from clotting…designed for those who stay in bed several days.  Mom obediently used them this afternoon, but the nurse, as she put them on, quipped something along the lines of, “These are really for people who stay in bed.  You don’t stay in bed.  That, though, is a good thing!”  She’s doing a good job of moving, and walking, and exercising.  I get her outside for 30 minutes each day for some good ole’ Vitamin D.  Except for being a fussy eater, she’s a really good patient, and I attribute her improvements to not laying around in some old hospital bed.  Viva la improvements! 

A Patriotic Memorial Day

IMG_2761 IMG_2768

Beautiful Sunset….for real!                        Charlie Yates

IMG_2766 IMG_2765

             Diane Yates                                 Linda Chandler 

Some friends (Charlie and Diane Yates and Brian and Linda Chandler) invited us to join them on their boat for Memorial Day.  (See Daryl’s blog for more pics…these are the ones I had on my camera, minus the one of Angela that she will thank me for NOT putting on my blog….)  It was a refreshing evening. 

I had been missing my uncles, to whom I was always grateful on Memorial Day for their part in World War II.  This year, I felt a bit of a gap, since my last two uncles passed away this year. 

To my joy, we got to celebrate with a vet, Charlie Yates.  He fought in the Vietnam War, and flew airplanes.  (Again, see Daryl’s blog for more accurate detail)  Thanks, Charlie.  It meant a lot to me.