Monday, June 16, 2008

Life's Via Points

Hi. Daryl's upstairs blogging, so of course, I have to get my blog done at the same time! We had a wonderful trip to Arkansas last weekend. It's awfully easy in the midst of health stuff to fail to plan to have fun. It's easy to lose sight of the freedom you DO have to do stuff. It can be consuming.

So, we planned a trip, thought we wouldn't get to do it, but DID get to do it. It was refreshing and fun to get away.
We have been going to Arkansas by our current route for probably about 26 years. As we go, we pass the Crater of Diamonds State Park, and DeGray Lake State Park. Two very enticing places to go, but when you have a destination, you seldom do via points.

This trip, we did the via points. We stopped Thursday at Crater of Diamonds State Park, and sifted for pretty rocks. No diamonds, but lots of fun. I kept moving around, hunting here and there, digging from different spots, shoveling up various rocks, not sure how to use the sifter. My system was pretty useless, and I was wondering where the fun was. Finally, I got the hang of using the sifter (not having the sense to ask Daryl how, and him figuring ANYBODY could use a sifter) and started having fun. (I do know what Jasper looks like now.) It was kind of like gold fever must have been, only less successful. I ended our time thinking..."next time....".

Then we hustled on to our next via point...DeGray Lake State Park. VERY pretty sits on a literal island. (I hope my kids note that their Mom crossed a bridge to an island....) We had a nice dinner with a lake view, and afterwards sat outside and watched the geese (and made some ministry phone calls, and worked sudoku) and took a walk along the trail behind the lodge.

Our final stop was Heber Springs, where we had a great visit
with Jim & Ginny and 2 of their grandchildren, Vanita & Terry, and Mom Bennett. Mother was in a good mood, and was perky and alert. (One picture has Daryl and Vanita with Mom, who was pointing at me for pestering her, the other is Jim and Gin's grandsons. We took her out to where the family had donated some Bradford pear trees 3 years ago. They have grown well. I like to think the trees inspired some other improvements the nursing home has made to the sitting area. They've added flowers, some nice wicker furniture, a little garden. It's the nicest spot on the nursing home property.

We were talking later about how hard it is with Daryl's cancer and back problems to know how to plan. To know how to dream. I guess what one has to do in life, regardless of its challenges, is to learn where the via points are. How to find those places of fun and rest that enhance the trip. As a result, I'm going to start trying to find life's via points along the way. They can be pretty fun!