Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Link to a Great Lesson

One Saturday recently Daryl had the privilege of speaking at a Men’s Conference on his favorite topic, men leading their families in the Lord.  As an elder, he and his fellow elders have been in all sorts of counseling situations.  In those situations, he will tell you that all except for perhaps one of those situations could be remedied, at least in part, by a husband/father taking seriously the task of leading their family in the Lord. 

If you are curious, or interested in any way, click on the link below and follow the trail to Daryl’s lesson.  I’m sure all the other lessons are good, too, but Daryl’s is the only one I’ve listened to.  :-)

Media: Men - Saturday AM - Countryside Bible Church

(Click on the lesson by Daryl Bennett on Being the Spiritual Leader in Your Home)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Teaching your Kids...

Today Daryl gets to teach a class for Men at our church on being a Leader at home. Not the "wife under the thumb" kind of leadership, but the kind where a man leads his family in the Lord. Talking to young ones (or old ones) about how to lead their families in the Lord may be in his top 5 things to do.

His favorite part of the lesson is telling Men how to have quiet times with their family. It isn't hard. You open your Bible and read a chapter. You talk about it. You pray together. If you have younger children, then you gear part of the quiet time for their age...younger Bible stories, tweak down the story to their age level.

What it does, is to train you and your children together that God's Word is the standard, regardless of the age group or gender. Then, as you raise your children, or have "discussions" with your mate, the standard is not opinions or moods or emotions: it's God's Word. It's pretty hard to come before the Creator of the Universe and stay mad at the mate sitting beside forces you to settle issues and talk things out, because you know where you aren't meeting God's standard, whether your mate is or not!

A friend of mine came to me this week and told me that she and her husband had started having devotions from God's Word with their newly blended family. She was amazed at how much the kids loved their new Bibles, which each had been allowed to pick out for themselves. She and her husband are amazed at the differences in the kids' attitudes. I could have shouted for more family has discovered the power of the simplicity of God's Word.